Financial Pillar Tutorials: Business Insurance 101

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Course Description

Business Insurance 101 is an introductory tutorial to familiarize you with the insurance needs of a business, the most common types of insurance policies all businesses should have, and identify the risks that the right insurance coverage mitigates. We encourage you to invest the time to watch this video even if you are not new to business just to refresh your memory. Who knows, you may discover something new in the process.

Course Materials

Study Manual

Prior to starting this tutorial, we encourage you to download our FREE Course study manual to help guide you through this lesson and give you the best return on your investment.



We have created a number of FREE worksheets to help you get your business financials together and know your numbers. We recommend that you download these worksheets in advance.


In order to help you succeed with this Course, we created a FREE self-paced study checklist for you to use to ensure that you cover all of the materials necessary to enjoy the full learning experience.

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The Legal Pillar Course is brought to you by our Sponsor, Roger Doumanian®, Attorney at Law, APC, a trusted business law firm focused on advising and representing startups, small business owners, and privately held corporations in California and Texas.


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